On Synchronicity

If we are in a state of alerted presence and peace, we are able to recognize what is occuring or presenting itself in every moment and then we act accordingly almost instantly, effortlessly with a kind of déjà-vu recognition of that event that is unfolding. That sense of knowing stimulates both peace and action and the sense of control becomes irrelevant. There is neither sense of fear that something may be lost nor greed that something needs to be gained. The concept that links everything perfectly is Synchronicity  , a magical arrangement of things presented in front of us just like we need them. The only thing necessary is to pay attention and recognize it. Trusting and believing in it brings more of it as we become more keen and more alert in its appearance. Then life starts becoming magical

Or perhaps not??? What if synchronicity is a prearranged set up system serving in maintaining the order of things and this order is not necessarily decided by the Source?

Why am I even perceiving this? Is this part of the plan? Or is it its exposure? Where does it originate from and what does it serve ? Is what I perceive now an enlightening moment or a distraction from it? It serves me or takes me away from me? Me who?

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