On Slowing Time

Life in this earth has probably the purpose of allowing to the soul to observe frame by frame the emotional experiences because time slows down so much, that it cannot be missed.

It must also be that the emotions generated are very attractive just as an action/drama/romance etc movie triggers these emotions to our human brain. In the same way the human life triggers these emotional reflections in our soul.

Life in human form is no more than a blockbuster video game which Souls want to play and even get addicted to it. It is like their Westworld.

There is this beautiful saying that was part of the movie “Infinity” which describes very descriptively our human existential quest

 ….I was feeling so close to that energy that I wanted to go closer but I couldn’t and then I realized that it was because I was part of it and this is why I could not approach it

If we could realize that truth, our entire journey and experience would radically transform.

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