On Quantum physics

Every moment we arrive in a here and now and we either confirm a previous choice or make a new one for whatever reason, either confirming our existing course: due to habit, or necessity to see the result of a previous plan, or fear, inertia etc

or changing course : due to strong pain, intense desire, fear, anger, bottomed out depression, instinctive survival …or the ability to view life with a fresh look recognizing that the choices are wide and feasible at whichever point including this point.

But what actually happens in case of changing course ? what happens when we pick a new “spaghetti of possibilities”…it changes not only the “future” but also the past as the new action or choice affects the “past” which brought us here. It looks that not only changes how we perceive our past from our new view point (a subjective shift) but also liberates that past from existence – in effect changes it, making it irrelevant in the new reality chosen (an objective shift)

Now that objective shift creates a new event which by consequence shifts not only  the “past” perception in the reality of the others involved …but most importantly our present choice creates a new future reality voiding the “past events” making them more or less irrelevant for others too.

In a nutshell being in the present enlighten us to the limitless possibilities and any new choice we make liberates us from our past and our likely future but most importantly liberate others relating to us from their past and likely future. Even further it may be possible that a new future creates a new past linked to it which although till now was not existing , now it becomes essential in supporting the new future and becomes real although non-existing till now.

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