On Problems & Solutions

There is no question without an answer. But why? Could it be that we could not be asking a question if we did not know the answer ? We keep believing that we know the question/problem but we don’t know the answer/solution, so we have to spend time to look for that answer/solution …

But what if we already know the answer – in fact all the answers and we simply spend time trying to find the right question which will delay and postpone the matching  of question-answer ?

What if we simply need  the question to be somehow or utterly confusing, incomprehensible, fake, just enough to justify spending days, years our entire life trying to find the answer or resolve the problem? Perhaps our entire life is a choice of time delay in the attempt to match answers with questions and solutions with problems.

But why would strive to solve problems if we already know the solutions? It seems that we may actually choose to buy time in order to live this human life immersed in its mysteries, problems and dramas. We believe that Life would be boring if all problems could be instantly resolved, so we need to create time in life so we can experience it together with our artificially made problems and their paths to their solution. When we choose a solution, we create the right problem, the kind of problem that needs a certain time of involvement (irrelevant of the depth of involvement) or a certain degree of depth of involvement (irrelevant of time length of that involvement). Usually it’s a combination of the 2 though or their interrelation fluctuates in a quantum physics manner (wave or particle)

Is it possible that we choose the outcome we want first and that choice creates the problem and the resolution path as well ?

No problem can really be solved . Only solutions can create the birth of problems in order to generate action and the time allocated for their solution. If we have chosen the solutions and the problems and the paths to lead to their matching and allocated the time and the degree of involvement up to their resolution , we can also take full responsibility for the entire process recognizing the choices for all of them are entirely ours and if those choices serve us perfectly well we can keep them intact but the ones which we may wish to accelerate/condense or even delete are still within our power of choice.

What we normally do in life is that we deny involvement in the events & circumstances that are uncomfortable or not understood and would most likely attempt to do the same in this process or reviewing our previous choices. Firstly we would not even come near the wisdom of recognizing and taking responsibility if we keep our previous judgments over life and second we would not be able to apply judgment to that process and do things with an ignorant or arrogant manner. Everything has to be recognized, respected, liberated from any judgment and set free if does not serve any longer. In most cases only acceleration can be possible because everything was chosen for a reason and serves or has served a purpose , so it has to run its course but if is no longer relevant perhaps it can run its course in an accelerated form.

When we talk of assuming responsibility, it usually goes as far as recognizing that we have created a problem for some reason. We should be going much further by recognizing that we have chosen the solution first and identifying that end result rather than pretend that we don’t know how to reach it.

Are the answers linked directly with the questions or there is a process of steps i.e 6 steps in the linkage?

So perhaps the answer precedes the question and most frequently creates the sequence of question-difficulty doubt -confusion-worry -problem-denial-blame-guilt-depresion-failure…..

Is it why in the beginning there is flow, a catchy attraction that we can not ignore and we have to respond and because it flows we have no reason not to respond but after that there is a blockage, frustration, expectations ? We project the sweet part in front, in order to sell it to us and get involved. But even the sales pitch is part of our prior decision and choice. So the perception of the initial flow is actually an illusion

So if we already know the answer why can not we activate the right question which we already know? Because perhaps we are not after the answer or even the question but the journey of trying to connect them which should not be easy because most of the times we have made the choice to spend time on it . That involves the designing of difficulties, obstacles and frustrations in order to delay the process and attach importance to the journey. The longer the journey and the more difficult, the more worthy it becomes and creates stronger attachment, stronger ego.

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