On Multiple Dimensions

It is quite possible that we live in multiple dimensions and whatever we do in one could affect what happens in others.

or even further the reason for taking certain actions in this dimension is meant to solely  affect another dimension.

Certainly that would explain the apparent absurdity of many actions we take (or events  & circumstances that “appear” in our life) It would also explain the seemingly failure or blockage of other actions. If the picture is larger than this one perhaps we have already achieved or succeeded without even recognizing it.

These multiple dimensions may be of parallel simultaneous nature or of different time sequence nature. Of course a quantum physicist would laugh at that distinction as he would consider it one and the same thing, so the term multiple may explain both perceptions without conflict.

The term multiple dimensions may and should include the various layers of our energetic body, the etheric, the astral/emotional, the mental and beyond. More often than not the various energy layers are in discordance, needing different things, responding to different projections from other layers above

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