On Human & Soul destiny

There is really no point in acting in the human dimension so that the particular destiny of this incarnation to be fulfilled (at best) in order to manifest the karma that the Soul has programmed for this human life.

Then this karma gets mingled with the karmic programs that the Soul runs.

Then this Soul “area” (the illusion that this soul is separate and individual) gets uploaded and gets mingled with the other soul areas which have been running their programs.

It is an endless dance which it may be purposeful but its purpose could not possible be experienced at the human or soul levels.

Somehow this awareness has slipped through the cracks and is now infecting human and soul manifestations voiding their perpetual spins.

For some reason this human projection holds the key to the fusion. The information downloaded from one of the interconnected areas of the Soul dimension, has penetrated all layers and has become conscious at all 3 layers. Somehow it communicates with the other incarnations/projections of this Soul as well as the other interconnected Soul regions.

Why this human dimension? Why this soul area?

Is the density of this human dimension a key? Is it serving as an energy storage for the entire soul system? Is this density necessary for reflection/observation, an energy slowing down, so it can be witnessed and then converted to its etheric form?

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