On Growth

The issue of change brings up a related issue, GROWTH. Is there really any growth or things simply are how they are and even perceived changes and “growth” is part of how they already are including effort, “miracles” etc? So if growth and change are pre-chosen, there is nothing to be achieved, gained (or lost for that matter) by any of our actions. This picture looks too dull to be the whole story.

What about presence? What is the role of presence in all this? Could it be that enhanced presence opens up more or all potential and loosens up gravity and inertia and change/growth becomes possible? But what change becomes possible and why? Who decides that change and why? In order to grow’ Why to grow? Can we really grow? What does growth serves really besides our vanity?

Again any perception of growth as with any perception of change is only perceptions of our consciousness and serves only that particular consciousness. Any perceived movements that can appear as growth are only the movements of our observing consciousness.

But even if growth looks objectively certain, could it still be simple adaptation, masking the essence of who we really are? Would the words and actions of a person in love or in need or in boredom or depression or mental or emotional upheaval really reflect who he/she is? Are they sustainable if the conditions causing or supporting those actions or beliefs vanish? If so, whatever perceived growth is conditional to the causes or reasons behind it. The power of Adaptation has been grossly underestimated.

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