On Effort

Effort in our actions in life is a totally misunderstood concept. Success in anything has been associated with effort. The more effort, the more success. It may appear that effort is the key to success but actually there is another hidden factor which is the crucial one. All the Effort in the world would not lead to the desired result unless the decision on the result has already been made on an “Energy level” and matches the one that is consciously desired. This decision marks the result and is independent of effort in any dimension, the conscious or the energetic one. It was not formed out of effort, it was simply a choice. This decision because of its conclusive nature involves the sense of knowing which does not require any effort. It carries the energy of faith and peace with it and no effort for or against it will change the result.

Another important aspect is that frequently our mental perception of the desired result varies significantly from the actual decision made. This is why we fail to recognize it when it manifests and we are dissatisfied, disillusioned because our mind has added or left out or distorted elements of the original decision.

The result we are really seeking is actually the visualized cause of the entire journey to its physical manifestation. Of course actions that lead towards the result’s manifestation are important and need to be taken but don’t need effort, just need openness and alertness in order to respond more efficiently. Basically we don’t need to worry about the outcome because we have already decided it. Lets enjoy the ride.

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