On Choices

The Sinister view: We don’t choose

Given our human life’s experience of confusion and suffering, Is not impossible to consider a sinister angle, that our perceived choices are not our choices at all and we are here because we have been sent here by an external origin such by other beings of other dimensions or planets etc or some kind of “matrix” and we are simply enslaved in those experiments that we are subjected to, which are not really serving us in any way and the information we receive and we transmit back do not originate from the Source or return to the Source. In many ways than not our life resembles a glorified version of cattle, raised and used for the benefit of the human race without any such permission of them. They may end to believe that their life is cruel, unjust, pointless but normal as that’s the only reality they know but that does not mean that they have granted permission for their abuse to the human race and its unlikely that the Source has sanctified such choice made by the humans. Just like the possibility that some cattle can break free and live in the wild is unlikely it is also unlikely that we can break free from our chains, physical, emotional and energetic. We don’t even consider that there is something fundamentally wrong and even when we start suspecting that, we still don’t have a clue what is wrong or how to rectify it. Even if few of us can actually get a glimpse of our enslaving entrapment and try to run away or resist, we are quickly caught and incarcerated. The more aware, resentful and resisting we become the more we suffer or get punished. Cattle are cattle no matter whether animal or human. Our illusionary sophistication and independence and ego identity is just a smokescreen to cover up the ugly reality that in fact we have no choice whatsoever in the things that matter and define us. The minor choices we have been allowed to make are more like videogame ones, all predefined and predictable. No variations that exceed the fundamental parameters can be considered and nothing better or worse can happen beyond those limits because the limits automatically void any such attempt of been crossed intentionally or accidentally.

The Neutral View: Perhaps we do or don’t choose

But if we are really designed or simply utilized by a “Matrix” like dimension , why would that be and who could be the “Matrix” ? It could be other beings from other planets or other dimensions or other times. It could even be ourselves from the “future” “travelling back in time” trying to figure out a solution in a fundamental issue by experimenting and interfering in our present dimension/time/space. It may even been entities that we created in the future that went astray and have returned trying to rectify the errors   before they even occur. We may also have been transported into earth from another planet and implanted here in order to replicate favorable conditions for the experiments with our consent or without.

More significantly we may not even been choosing at all. Perhaps as they say in quantum pshysics , every time we reach a point of decision and a choice, we choose both or all the choices creating slightly or significantly different versions of parallel realities coexisting – although not crossing each other

The Empowering View: We always choose

The “spiritual” perception we humans have that we are lost trying to find our way back to the source may not actually be so. We have chosen to come here in this earth dimension and keep choosing to stay here and these dimensions´ energetic laws confine us to not remember our original choice. We choose not to remember, we choose to pretend that we are lost, pretend we are wondering about life and pretend to try to return to the source but don’t know how. We have to pretend, in order to extend the game and “buy earth time”. If we really wanted to return to the source it would be instant but it would also void time and the earth game itself.

Like Oracle’s answer to Neo when he asked “how do I make a choice?”.

You did not come here to make a choice. You have already made the choice. You came here to simply understand that choice. Meaning basically that the choice is made on a Soul level and our human dimension just tries to understand the pre-made choice.

Recognizing the choices we have made is the key to our peace and ability to manifest effectively those choices in this life. It does not matter if it makes sense to us now with our limited ability to interpret it, it does not matter if we have or not a chance in succeeding in that choice…the only thing that matters is recognizing that we have made that choice. Of course many choices have been made for some reason and they have a kind of neutral charge so we can validate or replace them with a current choice. But in many cases especially with longer term or profound issues, our inner choices will determine the events and those choices will have not only to be recognized but also validated and manifested. It’s the feeling of having to do what one has to do even though at the present moment it may make little or no sense.

There is probably no right or wrong path, most likely there is no path at all, so our worry about it is absurd and only serves procrastination. But even if there is a path, it has already been chosen, so nothing we could think of it now can have any significance at all. Anyway our own perception of reality shapes that reality’s unfolding.

Changing the future or the past is not about karma. Is about the choice to rewrite the story. A choice or to be exact many choices to relive a story

Perhaps at the core of our human suffering there is the inability to recognize that we have choices. We consider ourselves trapped within one choice which seems inevitable or at the best a false dilemma of 2 choices. The possibility that we have multiple choices does not cross our mind. But of course it is so because our soul intends to generate a predetermined experience through our human mind which limits the possible pathways. The myopia and the obsession that the mind demonstrates is due to the soul`s programming the mind for a specific experience. Our human dimension won`t be able to break free from these limitations before the soul feels liberated from its obsession to fix these imaginary mistakes, repent for these non-existed sins and heal these illusionary wounds.

With its turn, the soul is trapped within a bubble of its own creation and cannot see and recognize the existence of the multiple choices it has on how to interpret the reality of its perception. Enlightment revolves around the recognition and utilization of all the multiple choices. The sense of liberation from suffering is actually recognition of the false, illusionary entrapment into obsessive choices.

Taking it even further, is it possible that we may not need to choose at all, living all choices in a parallel way in a kind of multiverse? Is this really possible or is an illusion? Don’t we actually make choices even when we don’t?

Or perhaps the entire concept of choices is a total illusion and we never choose and nobody else chooses either. Simply perhaps there are no choices to be made

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