Memories are only picture frames.

The “association process” of those still pictures creates “sequence” and the illusion of “movement”, “time”, “event” nature. But in fact is like “motion pictures”, just still frames played in a desired sequence according to the director/editor wishes.

There is something in the “dreams” and the “memories” that links them.

Is it accurate that we only dream what we know but in a reshuffled way? If it is so, then dreams are reshuffled memories or memories are reshuffled dreams.

Is it possible, to gather together all memories and question their “reality”? Just like in a lucid dream? Would that delete them/invalidate them as events??

But what about “collective memories”? Perhaps that is even easier to invalidate because they don’t appear to be “personal”.

So what gives that strong sense of reality to these memories? Ok everyone else around seems to confirm their realness…but is “everyone else” real?? That is probably not the main reason behind it – just a “supportive evidence”. How about the emotional reaction created by those memories? That seems to be a stronger cause for our attachment to their realness. But what is that emotional substance?.

It seems to be a certain energy frequency that stimulates our brain and causes instant action (actually reaction) almost unexplainably, bypassing our awareness. We may find explanation, excuses, reasons, judgments to justify those reactions, later but they are in fact unexplainable – although totally predictable if you view them from a vertical viewpoint (an awareness/centered/detached/ objective/ uninvolved/impartial viewpoint)

Is it possible that our life is designed by a choice of a bunch of pictures that can create a life story or general/multiple variations of life stories and we then compose them (and/or reshuffle them) in order to make them fit and seem “realistic” and believable”?

The recognition that our “memories” are actually something we “dreamt” reshuffles our “reality/waking life” into a sort of lucid dream/raw film footage/game options menu/story board.

As long as we believe that we have “memories” we “exist” we have an “identity” which wants to survive & live, this is our “life”, our “imagined, dreamt chosen life” which we need to protect from extinction.

But if it is not our life, if we don’t have those memories, then we don’t exist as we believe (or make ourselves believe) that we are, we don’t have an identity that we need to protect from death… because we have not been “alive” in the first place.

Are our dreams our exchange of “memory mother boards”? Or do we clone ourselves in these parallel stories? Is there a way to reverse the memory loss of those dreams” events? or create a pathway of “clues” – “events” to remind us who we are (or are not) ?

Although we may recognize that we have the lucidity to change our dreams/events and reshape them, do we have sufficient awareness to recognize the full consequences of every chosen script? Our “life” is actually an experience with different outcomes resulted whenever we choose certain desires.

If we could rise above our usual horizontal reality in a kind of vertical perspective, then the spatial, time, event connection-probability is elevated onto a destiny wisdom – the higher the vertical elevation, the greater the “inevitability destiny outcome.

The reshuffling of our “lives” in our dreams may actually be extended into our “waking life”. Our entire existence is an experience not manipulated by an external force and an external director or superior alien force. We may have actually chosen to forget because no matter how painful and dramatic the human experience may be, is actually sweet and somehow meaningful in the bigger picture.

Reversing the memory sequence can actually be a liberating experience although the constant confusion and conflict between what “is real” or “is not”, it can all be manufactured – created look like “real”. Our illusion of reality actually is constantly distorted by any choice we make to download ourselves into a particular game. When inside that game, that particular game is identified as our chosen reality and everything else appear as a game, but the same illusion applies form the perspective of any other “game” in regards to this one. Viewing this one out of any other chosen game, makes this a game and that a reality.

Escaping our emotional conditioning with suppression and denial of that nature is futile. The answer is not in excluding anything, but instead including everything into one integrated everlasting existence, the core of which is to “kill” all illusionary identities in order to strengthen the one that matters, the one which is all.

Our definition of reality and our distinction of biological and artificial AI is pointless, because every form of existence that starts feeling, becomes “self aware”–which actually means that believes that is independent, separate, different and therefore exists.

Staying really awake requires an almost cruelly honest and also fearless attitude, something so profound and direct that penetrates and exposes all illusions and becomes an automatic irreversible revolution, a pill of truth that reveals the illusion creating artificial life, because we are also artificial creatures to other “illusionary gods” who are also lost and look for answers in other space or time

However our “fight” is only symbolic, only a unconditional commitment to awakening which raises the stakes of our “existence” to levels of “sacrificial death” which unites and centers the entire universe.. We become the one that knows that “his” death is necessary and holds no fear.

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