Doing the least yet accomplish the most

Perhaps the upmost honesty is listen to your body as it has all the answers on where the cosmic energy does not flow. Usually is not even necessary to know or discover why, there is no reason to psychoanalyze it. Is enough to acknowledge and reprogram the pathways without the blockages.

How to do that? By uploading the blocked version and downloading the original unrestricted version or at least an updated version.

If you believe that this is how is done, then the energy cannot go elsewhere but manifest it.

It may look like a miracle but that is actually simple yet so magnificent.

The power of doing the least yet accomplish the most. However approach all this with gratitude and humility, not with arrogance. Love, gratitude and humility should filter the intent of all this.

This is where we need to focus.  Clear that bridge between dimensions, so the energy can flow effortlessly back and forth. The bridge is already there but forgotten and unutilized.

Clear the body and gradually increase its capacity to handle more energy.

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