Destiny & Free Will

Based on the type of view we make about the origin and purpose of our choices, destiny may be a valid concept or not.

According to the sinister view, that we are enslaved cattle, our destiny has been and is being determined by our masters in order to serve their needs, just like pigs serve the needs of humans. If so then destiny is a futile concept that only reinforces that we have no real destiny or that our destiny is to be slaves. Of course that view eliminates any concept of free will as well.

According to the neutral view, that we may have chosen or not our path in ways and for reasons that involve ourselves in other dimensions of time/space, we may or may not have a destiny designed by that other dimension of ourselves.

The concept of free will becomes an uncertain one depended on the specific circumstances causing the original decisions.

According to the empowering view, that we have already determined our choices on an energetic level, is implied that we have designed our destiny as well. Most likely that destiny is comprised by a limited and fundamental set of predetermined choices and an extensive range of choices made along the way, which reflect our state and depth of being which gets unfolded in the resulting actions we take consciously and unconsciously.

The predetermined choices are most likely of 2 types.

The 1st one includes the fundamental experiences we choose for our consciousness to live in this human dimension and these cannot and will not be missed no matter what. The events will be generated and will lead to the consciousness experiencing them. Of course our interpretation may vary significantly based on the depth of our overall state of being but the events will be manifested.

The 2nd one includes the key people with whom will interact in our lives, usually key family members, intimate relationships and key friendships, although they may include other people playing roles that are tailored to our particular needs in a crucial intensity.

Sometimes the 2 types, the chosen events and the chosen people interact and other times are independent and irrelevant. I.e we may have designed to experience love as a fundamental event while also chosen to interact with our children and lovers. However perhaps the 2 choices may or may not include a cross-referencing. We may experience love through compassion for disadvantaged orphan children or meditative bliss and not related with a love towards a child or a lover, although our interaction with the child and the lover incorporates other “karmic” implications related or unrelated to the love.

Everything else besides those prechosen fundamental experiences and interactions with key people, is free will based. We are free to design and redesign our life experiences as we wish – as long as we don’t suppress, skip or avoid the prechosen ones. It appears that once we have manifested the prechosen ones, we are free to even challenge and contradict even them along with any other choice we make.

Is it possible that everything chosen or not chosen, all potential possibilities register in a parallel life path unfolding distinct lives all of which are real? (No matter that we seem to recognize only the life our mind focuses on)

What if these lives are not really parallel or divergent but actually crisscrossing and meet each other at predetermined nodes that are the experiences we have predetermined to live (no matter of the specific setting or timeframe) and the meeting of the key people in our lives (no matter of the roles and the circumstances surrounding them)

If we assume 6 major experiences that we have chosen to live in this dimension and 6 key people to interact with, the total of 12 nodes can be crisscrossed through 12x12x12x12……12 times = 8,916,100,448,246 pathways of free will

9 trillion paths. If we assume though 12 people and 12 experiences then the pathways increase to 365 tetrakis million.

So it does not really matter how many people or experiences we have prechosen, they most likely are between 12 and 24 in total. They may even be 3 and 9 or 6 and 18 etc.

It is though quite important to identify the existing and perhaps missing yet No of the respective people and experiences.

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