Consciousness on the Cloud

Remembering may not function by storing and retrieving information from our brain (in a physical sense). In other words the information perhaps are not on the “hard disk of our computer” but on the “cloud” and are uploaded and downloaded upon need. Perhaps we keep the links on our hard disk but unlikely the entire information.

That changes completely not just the nature of memories but also the perception of time.

If all the information that we have processed, as well those that we have not processed is available on the same space, we can pick whatever we need or want at any given moment. Therefore the concept of time and sequence becomes a bit meaningless as the information can be edited at any given moment we access it adding, modifying or deleting parts by blending it with (or under the influence of) other information which we may have processed “before” or we want to process “after”. Past and future melt into a soup of endless possibilities.

Looking it from another perspective, the remembering is a fluid action, during which we choose who remembers, what is remembered, when is remembered, why is remembered and how exactly is remembered.

Perhaps we don’t remember at all, but instead we draw information which is relevant to what this moment requires. The who, what, when, why and how determine the direction of this information and its “massaging”/editing in the way it assists us (based on what we desire or need to experience)

The residence of the information on the cloud may even be as a folder with multiple files each of which has been drafted and is constantly updated by each person/soul involved. In that way if we are interested and it suit our soul purposes, we may opt to view, download these files, which are definitely different versions of information that we have experienced. In that way we communicate, listen to other views, alter perhaps our views and influence the others. In a few words the access to the clouds folders and all its files is open. Probably we can only view but not edit the files of others .

It probably is like Facebook where you can have a public profile open for viewing to everyone  where also everyone may leave a message but also specific pieces of content reserved for access by friends only  where these friends can interact and other content not even available to them reserved for private use only which could be sent to a specific friend only by private message or email.

I remember (Θυμαμαι in greek) originates from  Θυμος = ψυχη, (soul) which points to the source of  memories

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