Changing the Past, Now

We have always believed that the future is shaped by what we do today and the sequence of events eventually affect the future towards the direction we give it in the present. As far as the past is concerned, it has already happened and is irreversible.

Perhaps not so. What if whatever realization we have today, whatever decision we make today and whatever action we take now, actually affects the past and changes it? If time is not linear, then everything affects everything just like throwing a pebble in a lake, it spreads towards all directions. What if there is no past at all and its all happening right now affecting spacetime in reverse? What if you want that 11 year old girl to come to your 11th birthday party but because you have not asked her, you missed the chance to have children with her and study archeology instead of economics and live in Czech Republic instead of Kansas? Could it be possible to ask her now?

But again, perhaps in another parallel dimension you already have asked her and you do live in Czech Republic.

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