Happiness is an illusion

The obsession of the humans about happiness is beyond doubt one of our strongest beliefs. Everyone is absolutely convinced that wants to be happy and avoid been unhappy. Everything we think of, everything we believe and every action we take has as its intention and goal to be happy. The way we are raised as children, our entire education, our religions, our social interactions such as friendship, sexuality, falling in love, success in our family life or career are all means of achieving happiness. Even behind power or money there is the quest for happiness, being tools for the acquisition and maintenance of happiness.

Happiness in human life is the ultimate prize. This is what we strive for. That is what makes human life worthwhile. Is however happiness what we believe it is?

Actually happiness – the way we perceive it, is the gratification we expect from life if we think right, feel right, believe right and act right.

So what happens in fact, is that we desire gratification and try to exorcise punishment for failure of that gratification. Being happy is the ultimate achievement and unhappiness is a failure, which we need to strive to overcome.

Human happiness is an illusion. It is based on duality and is fuelled by our desires, hopes, obsessions as well as fears, biases and judgments. It is a mental construct, a consciousness program with the purpose to activate the human strife across duality. Our programmed belief and desire for it combined with our fear of its lack or failure to attain, blind us in that pursuit. Our perception of its specific coloration makes us biased and out of equilibrium and we are doomed to strive endlessly for its attainment experiencing fleeting short spans of it followed by more frequent or more prolonged spans of its absence.

What we are truly after is fulfillment and this is not something we can desire because it does not exist within duality but beyond it. It embraces and contains all the contradictory, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions and blends them into one unified energy field where all colorations disappear and become white light. In fulfillment all thoughts calm down and seize their erratic dance, all emotions dissolve into a sweet indescribable feeling, all beliefs dissipate as their necessity becomes obsolete and no action is desired towards whichever direction.

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