On Security

Our civilization has always placed so much attention in security and truly in many of its aspects that attention is well deserved. Survival is something we cannot argue with and in total honesty everything else pales in front of it. Security shielding us from crime, discrimination, natural disasters and the sort are concerns that nobody can just dismiss on silly ideological grounds. However our concern about security has infiltrated all aspects of our life and has becomes psychologically twisted. We seek security in ways that cause the most serious impediment to living fully. We seek financial security, career security, emotional security, marriage security, spiritual security and so on no matter how much security we acquire is never enough to feel secure. When our entire life is based on fear and scarcity there is no wonder that this twisted need gets the best of us.

When there is no longer greed and fear about what you can accumulate and hold on to, in order to protect yourself from scarcity, but is instead the honor with which you live your life that provides you the wealth you need and deserve, then there are no more gain or loss prospects and you can relax and be yourself, the best of yourself. The insecurity of the unknown is no longer frightful but exciting and you start feeling at home, the unknown and the unpredictable become the deepest sense of security, the certainty of been alive, present, alert, clear and prepared for anything

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