On Solitude

Solitude serves no social purpose and not only is not encouraged but is also been blemished as a disease of some sort. Is something unfamiliar to our civilization where all social interactions are essential for maintaining social order and control. Been around people at any cost, chatting, listening, been busy, anything to create noise, anything to keep us far away from solitude. It is linked to sadness and depression, mental disorder, anti-social behavior etc. The fear of the ruling system is that solitude may actually trigger reflection, questioning about values and priorities and independent decision making originating from the inner being, thereby diminishing obedience. People have been well scared for not seeking solitude but even more to avoid it and its potential unpredictable outcome at all costs .

It is not accidental that the missing 6th element in Chinese philosophy is the one linking the death of the old (water) with the birth of the new (wood). No real inner growth can occur without accessing the solitude of the Water element to lead us to the missing Heaven element where we reconnect with the Source. It is the Source that illuminates our being with new information and energy so we can start a new creative cycle of Wood. Without seeking solitude we can not access the Source and new growth and our life experience becomes repetitive, dull and stagnant .

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