On Being vs Doing

The dichotomy and contradiction between being & doing seems as an almost impossible to grasp. When we are in a state of presence and in peace with ourselves and life at large there is nothing actually missing, there is nothing to add or deduct, nothing to say or do, nothing to crave or avoid, nothing to hope for or fear, nothing to improve, alter or fix, nothing to aspire to everything is perfect and all the imperfections of life make sense or at least cease to appear conflictive. However energy has its laws and these laws are actually quite simple and not mysterious at all. While in a state of being, the reservoir of being gets filled up with new energy which then has no choice but be utilized, mobilized, expressed, shared which need propels us into a state of action, a state of doing something with it. Now while we enter the state of action the focus is on the expression, the movement and in that state becomes increasingly contradictory to maintain the state of being. It’s a selection process, energy flows and focus on the relevant state, so its neither a mystery nor a failure on our part to maintain both states active simultaneously. Putting it in another way while in a state of being we receive information and while in a state of action we transmit /give out information, both of which are essential.

The most crucial question though is :

Is it possible that while we are in a state of being, to initiate wise action that reflects our state of being and while we are in a state of action, to not lose our connection with our state of being.

When we are in a state of being (depending on its depth of course) we most likely determine the course of action to express this state of being. These decisions infiltrate our energy field determining the next course of action. Any actions we take after our presence in the state of being, reflect and are defined by the choices made while we were on the state of being and they are in fact the only choices we can fully trust as they originate from our own state of being.

Our own consciousness determines how to use the received information while in the state of being in the most relevant way possible while in action. This is a process that mostly happens unconsciously but it can also happen consciously while on meditation or conscious presence, reflection & observation.

However, historically, even when our initial action is still guided by the state of being, the following ones are increasingly further and further away from it. It is a subtle, gradual yet rapid process of fading away from the state of presence.

The 1st trap is that when in a state of being, there is no fear or worry that we ll lose that state of being and the accumulated wisdom and love needs to be shared right away, so nothing seems wrong or needs to be filtered or restricted out of fear of loss. Everything is perfect and abundant and although this is true it also becomes the worst enemy of our continuing presence.

The 2nd trap is that each new decision we make is based on a state of being a little further away from the previous one and in that manner we don’t detect the extent of the separation process we subject ourselves and our actions. We always view our actions from where we are in our state of being and it seems within our reach without losing that state. When however we take that one step, we are no longer in the same state but we fail to detect that and keep up the same mistake underestimating the effect of the next step.

The combination of these 2 proves fatal and the original empowerment turns into arrogance overestimating that empowerment and blinding us about how easy is to lose it while in action.

It definitely requires a different mix of being and doing. Either more frequent spells of presence and less frequent spells of action or prolonged periods of presence followed by short periods of action. While in action the wordly contamination of duality erodes even the most powerful presence and although theoretically could be possible that a degree of enlightment breaches the bubble of duality, it still may not be an automatic and permanent protection from the erosion of acting in duality.

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