On Inheriting

Inheritance is something that has always been slipping our attention except when we may be desiring one, waiting for one, hearing of one or receiving one. In any other moment we don’t consider that it has any importance whatsoever. However the energy that inheritance carries with it, for both the giver and the receiver is immense and underestimated. Receiving something that is not yours involves an external energy transfer charged with a heavy energy weight. In contrast to a donation where the donor voluntarily gives and the receiver appreciates that energy transfer, in inheritance the energy is different. The giver feels almost an obligation to pass on that energy and the receiver perceives it as something that belongs to him and waits for many years for that transfer. There is no element of voluntary love or appreciation in that energy transfer. Also usually represents an accumulation of wealth of some sort through an entire lifetime of the giver and its emotional charge is seriously intense. Therefore, its energetic weight is perhaps the heaviest accumulated energy transfer that ever happens in one´s lifetime. Just think about it. Receiving a large or small portion of wealth that does not belong to you, that you have not earned it, that you don’t really appreciate it and which represents the fruits of labor and dreams of a previous generation´s entire lifetime. How does this energy get absorbed into the life of the receiver and is it really a blessing or a curse? Does it resolve and facilitate life or adds a heavy weight on it to deal with?

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